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Only the best accommodation for your little furry friend

We understand that leaving your pet at home while you are away can be an emotional and difficult time for both you and them.  That is why we do all we can to make your pets time with us as easy as possible so you can go away with peace of mind knowing they will be well looked after.

We don’t like pets confined to small hutches and therefore we have only a small number of houses.

The Warren.

The warren is a purpose build log cabin designed with the outdoor bunny in mind.

We have 3 different types of accommodation to choose from.

The Reptile House.

We have numerous vivariums suitable for leopard geckos, bearded dragons and Chameleons.

Our tortoise friend’s are housed in tortoise tables.

The Rodent Retreat.

We have 3 different large metal enclosures, within our animal hosue, suitable for ferrets, rats and degus.

Our Feathered Friends.

We would ask that you bring your bird in their own home.

Please provide all food, treats and toys etc.