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Thumper looking for a new home

Due to the children growing up an not having as much time to spend with Thumper, with great regret, Thumper’s owners are having to look for another home for him. We are not sure whether he has been neutered as he was a rescue rabbit. He has not lived with another rabbit but is laid back…

Good home for budgie

A lovely Blue Budgie called Charlie is looking for a new forever home. If you can offer him a nice home, please email me and I will pass your details on to the current owner. Thank you!   CHARLIE HAS NOW GONE TO A LOVELY NEW HOME ! ! ! 🙂

Ban Halal Slaughter in the United Kingdom!

The fact that Halal butchers are immune from the law against slaughtering animals without pre stunning them, is blatantly wrong. It is unacceptable, that in a civilised society, innocent animals can be tortured to death in this way. Therefore, we the undersigned demand that the vulgar and cruel practise of Halal Slaughter be banned in…

Wanted – Love Bird

Wanted Love bird – Unfortunately one of my Love Birds has passed away and I am looking for a single Love Bird that will be a new companion to my remaining bird. Please – No Breeders! I will send a donation to an animal rescue charity of your choice. PLease email me info@crittercreche.co.uk and I will…