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About Us

We have been running Critter Creche for 9 years, starting out with 3 outside, self made hutches (with runs of course). We now have a large summerhouse, reptile room and small animal room, which we call the Rodent retreat.

We have had animals all our lives and have rescued various species over the years.

Many people are lucky enough to have friends or relatives to look after their pets when they, for whatever reason, are unable to do so, however, for many people this is not the case and there is nothing worse than realising as a holiday approaches, that there is no one you can trust to care for your pet.

Do you have the opportunity to work away from home but need care for your pet while you are away, are you moving house and require safe boarding for your pet during this time.

Whatever the reason, Critter Creche can help.


We have also started Pet Home Visits, simply bobbing in to your house and feeding your dog, cat, rabbit, whatever pet you have, during the day while you are away.

To find out more about a home visit, click here